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We have buildt one of the most beautiful kennels for our dogs, specialized welping facilities for the raise of our pups. Afrika Boerboels has expanded into a full breeding program showing generations of the quality we have bred so far and continuing.

Named after the name German word schnauze (snout/muzzle), the Miniatue Schnouzer is most recognised for the long hair on its muzzle and its distinctive face was orignally bred in Germany adored as a family and city-living pet, requiring for less activity than its British terrier counterparts.The Miniatue Schnouzer was developed around 1880 by selectively breeding small Standard Schnouzers.

The Miniatue Schnouzer’s face is defined not only by its beard, but also by its bushy eyebrows and high-set, pointy ears. Its coat is wairy and rough and ranges in color from black to salt&pepper, wich appears gray. Miniatue Schnouzer’s shed minimally and should be combed and brushed once weekly.

As one of the less stubborn and hyperactive of the breeds, Miniatue Schnouzers are easy to obedience-train and can skip a day of excercise periodically. They are excellent with children and other animals. Despite their affable nature, Miniatue Schnouzer’s are excellent watchdogs. The Miniatue Schnouzer is a high spirited, energetic, inpetuous(though stable), hardy, proud and dominat. This devoted, affectionate dog loves children and makes an excellent pet. Constantly alert, wary of strangers and very reliable.

Height 30-35cm

Weight 6-8kg

Grooming low

Excercise medium

Appetite low

Lifespan 12-14 years