Do you struggle with the following
Burning Feeling in Feet or Cold Feet
Healing of Gangrene
Cellulitis on Legs and Feet
Cancerous Growths on Skin
Migraine During Monthly Periods
Macular Degeneration of the Eye and Improves Eyesight
Restless Leg Syndrome
High Blood Pressure
Hearing Problems
Swollen Feet
Rough Feet, Soles, Heels and Ankles
Loss of Feeling in Legs and Feet
Tremors – Essential Tremor
Odemia (Swelling of Abdomen)
Ulcers on Legs and Feet
Lower Back Pain
Epileptic Fits
Varicose Veins
Peaceful Sleep

R900 Boots/with vacuum R1600
We deliver/courier
for R120 extra.


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De Wildt


43.23736567960623, -79.80222759059927

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